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Book Beats: Return to Sender

Jonas Emmerson dreamed of online stardom. His video viewership was climbing and he and his friend Adam would do almost anything to keep the subscriber numbers climbing.

With the release of "Seraphim Falls" on May 8, I'm releasing Spotify playlists for characters from the book.

This week's playlist introduces you to Jonas from "Return to Sender."

When he isn't working at Seraphim Falls local amusement park, Lakewood Jonas is working toward building a career that very few people are able to obtain. However, this kind of dedication doesn't come without a price.

Jonas listens to music when he is up late at night editing his videos. After trying so many different stunts to gain viewership, Jonas is looking for something different that will really pull people in.

That's when he and Adam decide to purchase a package from the dark web.

To get Jonas's full story pick up a copy of "Seraphim Falls" on sale May 8. Signed copies can be purchased from this site by hovering your mouse over the more option at the top of the page and select signed copies. Physical books and e-books of "Seraphim Falls" are also available wherever books are sold online.

*Some songs may contain explicit lyrics.*

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