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Book Beats: Laugh in the Dark

Liz was looking forward to starting her summer job at Lakewood Amusement Park. The small-town attraction was a place every kid in Seraphim Falls grew up going to. They would go with their parents when they were younger, would eventually go to school picnics with their friends, and even a lot of first dates happened there.

It wasn't a surprise that Liz ended up working there, just like her mom did when she was a teenager.

While Liz was excited about the job, there was a just one thing she was afraid of. It sat in the back of the park, surrounded by trees and seemed to wait until the time was right and it would just swallow the whole place, visitors and all. It was the "Laff in the Dark" dark ride. She hated ever since she was a kid. Her friends would often tease her about not being able to go on a ride that was so cheesy that even kindergartners wouldn't be afraid.

But, Liz never went on it. Just the way it sat there, in the only dark part of the whole amusement park made her feel uneasy. There was something so sinister about it that she didn't want to get any closer than she had to.

Things changed when, as luck would have it, Liz was assigned to the "Laugh Team" for the summer. With no choice, Liz had to face her fears. But, she didn't have to face it alone. Armed with her playlist of music that reminded her of carefree, Summer days, Liz would go to work.

What songs were on Liz's playlist? Take a look below.

Learn more about Liz and her fellow "Laugh Team" members in the story "Laugh in the Dark" that is part of the bigger picture that is "Seraphim Falls" available in paperback and e-book formats wherever books can be bought online starting May 8.

Don't see the book at your favorite small bookstore? Request a copy. They can order one for you and you help patronize a small business. Win/Win!

* Some songs contain explicit lyrics.*

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