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Book Beats: "Keystroke"

Exciting things are happening with "Seraphim Falls." Shortly, the cover will be revealed and a special announcement about the publication date will be made. Be sure to check here and social media often.

In preparation of the release of "Seraphim Falls," each week will feature a new Spotify playlist for one character from each of the stories that make up the book.

This week's playlist is from Emma Greatwater.

Emma is a famous author who wrote various supernatural novels. Her fans love her dark romance triangles that often feature vampires.

Her life seems to be perfect. She has a great career, has a wonderful boyfriend, and is happy. It's only when she starts to struggle to write her upcoming novel when things fall apart.

It starts with a typewriter and ends with something much darker.

Find out what happens to Emma and other residents when Seraphim Falls is released next month.

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