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Flash Fiction: Happy Wife, Happy Life

(10 minute Flash Fiction)

Jane Remmington admired the bounce that was living in her chestnut curls. The reflection in the mirror looking back was of complete happiness as shown by her gleaming smile. 

She a happy newlywed and they just purchased their first home together; a brand-new 1956, Sears Kit House. It had everything she wanted, a mossy green kitchen, pink bathroom, and her own washer and dryer.

Jane walked into her kitchen, took the burger off the stove, and put it on a bun. She moved the rest of the body parts that she hadn't used, like the fingers, toes, and mound of hair, to the end of the counter before pushing them into the trash can.

She then opened the door to the basement and went to give her son the flesh he had been craving. 

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