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Flash Fiction Friday: What the Navigator Saw

Each Friday, I will blindly pick a picture card from the board game Mysterium, and set a timer for fifteen minutes. When the timer goes off, the story is done.

June 18, 1864

Dear Diary,

I can't believe the day has come! We have been preparing and practicing for so many months I have a hard time containing my excitement. Today we start off on our journey to race to Concordia. Not only will the winner be able to bring the medicine back to their village to help heal our people, but we will be legends. People will talk about us for many years to come. Wish us luck!

June 19, 1864

Dear Diary,

Things are going well, so far. We hit a little bit of wind over the Ruby Isles, but nothing Natalia, our airship driver couldn't handle. Reggie, our cook, was a little sick, but he will hopefully get his airlegs in no time. As for me, I'm handling the navigating well. I have only seen the captain a few times since yesterday. He keeps to himself mostly. I hope once we get further into the journey the more we will see him.

June 21, 1864

Dear Diary,

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. We hit the Sandy Plains and things looked bleak for a while. The team from The Vast Village pulled a little ahead, but we were able to navigate around them when we went past the oasis and they stopped for supplies. I thought it was a risky move, but the captain knows best, I guess. We are at the edges of the desert and going to be heading into the Shakirsha Jungle tomorrow. I am a little worried about Reggie. I thought by now he would be feeling better, but I guess I was wrong. He is looking a little greener today. I hope he feels better sooner.

June 22, 1864

Dear Diary,

Reggie is dead. I don't know what happened. One minute he just looked a little airsick, and the next minute the captain is ordering we dump his body over the edge of the ship and into the jungle. No matter how much we begged him to let us have a service first, he said there wasn't any time and whoever didn't comply could join him. Natalia and I didn't have much choice, so we had to do what we had to do. The captain then went back into his quarters and didn't come out the rest of the day. When we went to talk to Windigo, his first mate, he said the captain gave orders not to disturb him the rest of the day. Natalia seemed quiet the rest of the day, too. I asked her if she was okay, and she looked like she was going to say something, but just shook it off and said she was fine.

June 24, 1864

Dear Diary,

I think I just made a huge mistake. I should have never signed up for this expedition. I should have listened to my parents and stayed home. But, I wanted adventure so here I am. Natalia is starting to get sick. She tries to cover it up, but I can't mistake the same look she has that Reggie also had. I don't want to say anything because, well, you know. The captain only comes out for a short stroll around the deck and then back into his quarters. Everything is through Windigo. We have to be getting close to Concordia.

June 25, 1864

Dear Diary,

Natalia is gone. I don't know what happened. I saw she was a little sick yesterday and today I woke up and Windago was at the helm. I asked him what happened and he wouldn't answer me. He just said she was gone and I needed to focus on getting us to Concordia. The captain didn't come out all day. It was just me and Wendigo. I asked him about the captain and he wouldn't answer me. I sure hope we get there soon.

June 26, 1864

Dear Diary,

I can see the island! We are almost there. I am so excited I almost forgot about the sickness I'm feeling in my stomach. I didn't say anything to anyone, I want to keep this a secret. Speaking of secrets, I went past the captain's quarters last night and I couldn't help myself, but peek through the window in his door. When I did I saw the captain had his back turned, but it looked like he was talking to someone. I couldn't see who it was because they were hidden by the limited view I had. I know it wasn't Wendigo because he was steering the ship. But, I don't know who else it could be. It was only the three of us. That night I went to sleep with more questions in my head, but I knew better than to ask. Wendigo wouldn't tell me, plus the captain doesn't come out anymore.

June 28, 1864

Dear Diary,

I didn't want to. I couldn't help it. I just had to see. After hearing murmurings coming out of the captain's quarters I couldn't help but try to peek in. This time I saw who he was talking to. I didn't want to believe it at first, but I had to, they were staring right back at me. I hope they didn't see me, but I'm not sure. When I make it back I'm going to have to tell The Commission what I saw.

-End of Entries-

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