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Flash Fiction Friday: Serenity

Each Friday, I will blindly pick a picture card from the board game Mysterium, and set a timer for fifteen minutes. When the timer goes off, the story is done.

An angel and a demon meet in the middle of the battlefield.

"What are you looking at," snarked the demon?

The angel stared steadfastly ahead refusing to even look at the demon let alone dignify her with a response.

The demon stepped closer, so her breath was on the back of the neck of the angel forcing the feathers on her wings to stand up.

"What are you looking at?" she asked again.

The angel stood its ground, standing among the lava and uneven rocks of the demon's territory. She allowed her wings to fold and unfold easily.

The demon felt rage and anger building inside of her.

How dare she ignore me? I have been tempting people for millions of years and not one has ever ignored me. Now, she thinks she will be the first.

The demon placed her hands on the angel's wings and felt the softness of her feathers. A calm rushed over her and the fire in her belly stilled. A voice came inside of her head.

It was speaking in a language she didn't understand but it was telling her of her deepest desires. Instead of fire and pain, it was speaking of calm and love.

The demon's heart began to soften and she could even feel a smile come across her lips.

The demon stepped back for a moment and spoke to the angel more softly this time.

"Thank you. What a gift you have given me. You have replaced the rage in my heart with serenity, and hatred with love. Now I know what it means to be happy for the first time since my fall millions of years ago."

The angel, still not looking at the demon, grew a smile on her face from ear to ear.

She turned slowly to see the demon looking at her. She then walked carefully toward the odd, dark figure that was now peacefully looking at her.

"Good," said the angel as she gently caressed the demon's face.

Suddenly, the demon's expression twisted into a look of horror and of pain. She glanced down to see one of her wings lying on the ground beside her. To lose a wing as a demon or an angel was certain death.

The angel leaned in and whispered in the demon's ear, "That will make killing you a lot easier."

She then leaned back, the smile was still on her face, and flew away to the heavens to leave the confused demon to die alone.

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