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Flash Fiction Friday: Follow Your Heart

Each Friday, I will blindly pick a picture card from the board game Mysterium, and set a timer for fifteen minutes. When the timer goes off, the story is done.

Lucy had always loved living by the beach. The waves going in and out from shore found a way to calm her anxious mind.

But, her favorite reason for calling the remote island of La Montira home was the scuba diving.

After moving to the island to escape an abusive ex, she wanted to learn something new. She saw an advertisement for scuba diving lessons and thought, what the hell?

Three years later and she is now a part-time diver with a group of treasure hunters that are looking for the remains of a cargo ship that sunk 20 years ago. The ship was carrying ancient artifacts from Egypt when it went down off the coast of La Montria.

The Four crew members, Lucy, John, Margo, and Silas were the divers while Amos was the captain and the person in charge of the mission.

The four divers donned their gear and dove, backward into the cool, dark waters below. They had an idea of where the treasure might be, but they weren't sure of its exact location.

Lucy and Silas were in a two-person team while Margo and John went to explore the more southern area of the territory where they thought the artifacts might be.

Silas and Lucy swam deeper and deeper while checking their gages to make sure they had enough air.

Lucy looked down and smiled at her suit, she loved the red heart she had embroidered on the outside. It was a constant reminder for her to follow her heart, after all, it did lead her to this wonderful new life she had.

Suddenly, Lucy felt a tap on her shoulder and looked over to where Silas was pointing. About 10 feet away was a cave and at the mouth of the cave, it looked like a crate.

They swam over and as they got closer, they could see they had found what they were looking for.

There were several crates, like the one at the mouth of the cave, but there were also ebony Anubis statues, and what looked like a sarcophagus.

Lucy and Silas looked at each and made a thumbs-up motion to return to the surface.

Silas went first and Lucy was ready to follow him, but before she left she felt like her foot was caught on something. When she turned, she looked and saw the sarcophagus start to open.

Panic started to fill her chest, and she felt like there wasn't enough air for her to breathe.

As the door opened fully, Lucy saw inside a diving suit that looked, just like hers. It even had the red heart patch.

Lucy leaned forward and touched the suit.

That is when it lunged toward her and grabbed her in an aggressive bear hug.

She tried to wriggle away from her capture, but she fought in vain.

The suit had not only freed her foot in the struggle but started to push her back into the sarcophagus.

Lucy screamed into her diving helmet as the being in the matching suit started to shut the lid and close it tight. The underwater pressure acted as a lock making it impossible for Lucy to push it back open.

There was nothing surrounding Lucy, but darkness. There were no other sounds around but her own screaming.

Lucy knew, that she was going to be left here to die. By the time the crew would find out it wasn't really her in the suit, whatever it was inside would either kill them, or they would be heading back to shore to get equipment to bring up the treasure and she would run out of air. Either way, she was in trouble.

The last thought Lucy had before she slipped into the darkness of unconsciousness was how maybe listening to her heart wasn't the best idea. After all, it led her to an abusive man and now to die alone under the ocean.

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