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Book Beats: Mr. Winston's Deal of a Lifetime

Mr. Carl Winston loves music. It has been there for him when times were tough and also there to help him celebrate the best of times. It was also one of the things he and his girlfriend Pauline O'Claira liked to do. They would listen to music while they sat on her porch swing watching the sunset.

With the release of "Seraphim Falls" on May 8, I'm releasing a Spotify playlist for characters from the book.

This week's playlist introduces you to Carl Winston from "Mr. Winston's Deal of a Lifetime."

Mr. Winston is mourning the loss of his longtime girlfriend Marjorie. Just when he thinks he will never be happy again, he runs into Pauline O'Claira at the grocery store. The two strike up a conversation, and the rest is history.

Just as Mr. Winston feels like he will get his happy ending, the bottom drops out and he starts to suspect Pauline might not be who she seems.

Find out what happens to Mr. Winston and the other residents of "Seraphim Falls" on May 8.

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